artaud studies

‘Artaud in Wonderland’ is Periplum’s critically acclaimed study of the Theatre of Cruelty’s creator. We offer expert workshops for AS/A-Level Drama, BA and MA level research, by exploring ways to practically realise Artaud’s vision. Through our Artaud workshops participants will:

  • Explore physicality, gesture, group movement/choreography, breath-work, body percussion & voice to develop a visceral performance style.
  • Discover Artaudian themes and subject matter.
  • Experiment with staging formats & sensory theatre.
  • Apply Artaud’s techniques to devise experimental performances, or interpret an existing text.

Participants will have the chance to develop performance skills, enhance devising ability, challenge the imagination, liberate dramatic expression, gain confidence to experiment with staging techniques and understand Artaud’s shock tactics in practice.

We also look at Artaud’s ideas in historic context, his relevance in contemporary theatre and how practitioners such as Growtowski and Brook, as well as film-makers, rock stars, writers and psychologists have been influenced by his ideas. The workshops help to inform students’ coursework and devising practice, helping them to think, act, see, apply critical analysis and produce work in an Artaudian manner.