‘As an Actor in training, to get this experience working in a professional environment was mind blowing... Wish I could do it all over again.’
Participant, Wirral Borough of Culture 2019

‘One of the highlights of my life in Hull!’
Participant, The Witching Hour 2019

Participation is at the heart of Periplum’s work, with local community members and education groups given the opportunity to perform alongside our professional team. Our projects offer diverse opportunities to participate, train and learn new skills.

Taking part in our work has been a transformative & fulfilling experience for many participants across the UK and internationally, leading to real exchange with local communities. Some of our participant groups have gone on to form their own creative groups and projects, inspired by their time working with Periplum.

How volunteer Iris became a lioness (National Lottery Volunteers)

‘In Periplum's 7 Alleys, the Land of Green Ginger event in East Park, I was completely pushed out of my comfort zone as I’d never done acting, but it was the best thing I could have done. My experience woke me up and has made me realise there is no such thing as a comfort zone, I can do anything. I’m no longer the quiet person who was unsure of herself, now I’m really confident; I’ve gone from mouse-like to a lioness who wants to roar!’