‘It was inspirational. I could feedback forever on what I learnt, it was definitely an experience that changed many ways of how I think and sparked a lot of imagination.’
Participant, Periplum Springhead residency

Periplum deliver national and international residencies for theatre and arts practitioners, community groups and educational partners, working together in unique locations or visiting the host organisation. Residencies can focus purely on provoking the imagination and expanding creative practice or contribute to professional or personal development.

We encourage a safe and playful arena to explore alternative ways of creating innovative new work, from site-specific to digital-led. We promote experiment, invention and adventure, helping participants develop an expanded insight into the possibilities of performance while making the most of the potential of a location.

Periplum have delivered residencies & performances in sites including the Olympic Park, the British Museum, churches, parks, hotels and an abandoned coffee plantation. With minimal production resources, we can guide, support and direct an intensive creation process to a challenging & rewarding performance.