‘A must-see show.’
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
(Critics’ Choice)

Whisper 6-6-6 and invoke the infamous occultist, laughing Buddha, black magician, insatiable lover, purple priest, King of Depravity, a man you’d like to hang, England’s worst, his very name a curse on the human race: the Great Beast, Aleister Crowley. This promenade performance was an invitation to witness the explosive life & mind of the ‘Wickedest Man in the World’, from a boyhood in hell to a deckchair in Hastings.

An astral exploration of the 20th century’s seminal black sheep, Citizen Crowley was awarded the Guardian Critics’ Choice and featured amongst The Independent’s 5 Best Plays.


‘Theatre doesn’t get more atmospheric than this show, which uses shadows, strobes and fireworks to terrific effect, and pops reputations & myths, beginning with a bang and ending with a fart.’
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (Critics’ Choice)

‘A delightful promenade performance, & a hugely atmospheric hour. Periplum re-inject a sense of ritual and wonder into theatre-going.’
David Gritten, The Daily Telegraph

‘A marvellous dissection of the maverick occultist.’
The Independent, ‘5 Best Plays’

‘This recreation of a man who dedicated his life to courting dark forces succeeds in being so evocative that your heart leaps with terror. Splendid.’
Eddie Harrison, The Metro

‘I rejoiced as Periplum drove its reputation for imaginative staging to new heights.’
Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times

‘If you want to get in touch with your dark side or feel the brush of the world beyond, head down to see this show. Chilling, haunting & evocative.’
Ben Dowell, The Stage

‘Periplum Tree’s woozy séance of a show conjures his spirit irreverently, like a cross between a funeral procession and a fairground ghost ride, whisking us to Egypt & the Himalayas. It is very creepy Crowley.’
Maxie Szalwinska, The Scotsman

‘The delights of the Wickedest Man in the World drew me in. Excellent.’
Gordon Rutter, Fortean Times

‘Brooding & sly, shimmering & glowing. Perfect.’
Andrew Midgely, Edinburgh Evening News