‘Exciting and entertaining... quite simply, it's raised the game.’
Fringe Guru

Discover a parallel universe as Navigator guides you into the labyrinth where digital and physical space interweave…

An Ipod becomes your navigational device, with films that lead you on a dramatic journey of discovery, leading you towards mysterious encounters on unexpected pathways. As you physically explore a site, following where the films lead, you also follow a story specially created for the location, meeting characters both on screen and in reality. The journey mixes film & live action with a trail of visual clues & installations.

Created site-specifically, Navigator imaginatively interprets the psycho-geography of a location, producing a unique immersive experience that can take you through secret doors and into different time-zones. It is an adaptable concept available for commissioning for special events and can take in both indoor & outdoor settings. It is ideal for heritage and learning projects, as well as theatrical and festival contexts.


‘My heart is racing.  I think I'm being followed... and I know I've lost control. This was among the most immersive and cleverly-constructed pieces I've ever seen at the Fringe. Under Periplum's inspired direction, Navigator's killer gimmick is its use of video. It's disturbing and dislocating, in all the right ways, but it's exciting and entertaining too - and above all the technology adds to the storytelling, a tool rather than a toy. It's reset my understanding of what's possible, when theatre and technology combine... quite simply, it's raised the game.’
Fringe Guru

‘Navigator is a witty, poignant and surprisingly moving piece of work, navigating street-arts supremos Periplum into fresh theatrical waters. A journey that is spookily un-nerving due to the disorientation that occurs as you try to marry the real-life 3D environment and the portrayal of that same environment on film, the minor differences in the two representations playing strange tricks on your mind. I find myself experiencing a delightful reflection on the passing of time, the nature of memory, and our perception of ‘reality’.’
Total Theatre