raven's wake

‘My family loved it, we experienced the Lake in a totally different way’ Community audience member

An immersive audio journey on board the Steam Launch Osprey, following in the wake of Windermere’s last steam-powered cargo ship Raven, tracing its tracks from shore to shore and to a final resting place in the Jetty Museum grounds.

The audience embark on a sonic odyssey around the islands of Lake Windermere, discovering voices from the deep that share the myths, legends and stories of the workers of the Lake.

Raven’s Wake was created through an artistic residency at Windermere Jetty Musuem. Periplum worked with the Heritage Boat Team to research and develop new forms of immersive performance interpreting and animating the museum’s collection.

Commissioned by Windermere Jetty Museum. Funded by the Garfield Weston Foundation and Arts Council England.