Part of Enchanted Parks, Winner of Best Event Tyneside
Journal Culture Awards

This magical sphere transports a twisted fairytale landscape. Within, a captured soul trudges through the wilderness of this frozen world. Holding a single red rose, he strives to shatter his isolation and share human warmth, transforming this lonely wanderer’s world and sharing long-lost memories of Spring.

Globe celebrates the resilience of the human spirit through elemental hardship as it travels in mesmerising orbits. This promenade performance was accompanied by a series of beautifully crafted free-standing interactive audio-visual installations. The miniature globes included text, design and music to reflect local architecture, landscapes & history.

Commissioned by Magnetic Events, Gateshead Council and culture10


‘A series of specially-commissioned art installations created a magical atmosphere. It was a seductive mix of eerie fairytale, lights and sounds. A hugely entertaining evening.’
What’s on NE, Culture Review 2008

‘A fabulous event. Wandering through the Enchanted Park was truly a wonderful experience. In the Garden of the Towers a melancholic spectre in a globe sang for us when he was not slowly zorbing around the lawn.’
Design Inspiration