‘A seductive mix of eerie fairytale, lights and sounds.’
Culture Review 2008

This magical sphere transports a twisted fairytale landscape. Within, a captured soul trudges through the wilderness of this frozen world. Holding a single red rose he strives to shatter his isolation and share human warmth with a stranger. Will you be the one to transform the lonely wanderer’s world, sharing long-lost memories of Spring and ultimately melting his heart?

Globe celebrates the resilience of the human spirit through elemental hardship as it travels in mesmerising orbits. This promenade performance is also accompanied by a series of beautifully crafted free-standing interactive audio-visual installations. The miniature globes can be commissioned for special adaptation, including text, design & music to reflect local architecture, landscapes & history.

Commissioned by Magnetic Events, Gateshead Council and culture10


Premiered at Enchanted Parks 2008, which received the following press:

‘An evening of artistic delights and discoveries along an illuminated winter trail in Gateshead’s Saltwell Park. Thousands of lucky visitors enjoyed an after-dark winter walk in a fairystory-inspired wonderland. The artists transformed an area of park in response to a collective theme: stories of wintertime, and were suitably inspired to create great work.’
The Journal, Nominated for Best Event Tyneside 2008 Award

‘Imaginative artworks, including several snowglobes of different colours, gave Saltwell Park in Gateshead a new lease of life after dark during the 2008 Newcastle and Gateshead Winter Festival.’
BBC Tyne

‘A series of specially-commissioned art installations created a magical atmosphere. It was a seductive mix of eerie fairytale, lights and sounds. A hugely entertaining evening.’
What’s on NE, Culture Review 2008

‘A fabulous event. Wandering through the Enchanted Park was truly a wonderful experience. In the Garden of the Towers a melancholic spectre in a globe sang for us when he was not slowly zorbing around the lawn.’
Design Inspiration

Commissioned by Magnetic Events, Gateshead Council and culture10