Nominated for Best Event Teeside at The Journal Culture Awards 2014

‘Visually and aurally stunning – crackling with emotion.’ Northern Echo

This large-scale surround performance told stories from the home-front and front-lines during the First World War. 'Homecoming' explored the impact of war on communities – the changing roles of women, the heartbreak and loss to families, and the unique stories of individuals – from acts of bravery and kindness to the tragedy of teenagers shot at dawn.

'Homecoming' was a touring project adapted and localised for each new town. It was designed for major local participation, and collaboration with local researchers, museums and archivists to tell the real stories of local people. It featured dynamic 360 degree action, pyrotechnics and silent film-style digital projections showing original footage and photographs from the time and the locality.

Commissioned by the Remembering Our War Consortium, Hartlepool Borough Council, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Darlington Borough Council, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, and Middlesbrough Council. Supported by the Imperial War Museum.


‘Visually & aurally stunning – the show crackled with pyrotechnics, music & sound effects, not to mention emotion. There was time to reflect on the months that led up to the outbreak of war, when the people of Darlington faced poverty and industrial unrest, coupled with the looming hostilities. The show examined the call to arms made to the men of Darlington – and countless towns, cities and villages – as well as the vital role played by the women those men left behind. One of the most emotional parts of the show came when the company recreated the countless moments when families were informed that their loved ones had been injured or killed in battle. The sacrifice made by those who laid down their lives in the First World War was commemorated with a spectacular explosion of poppy-red tickertape. The assembled crowd broke out into spontaneous applause.’
Northern Echo