‘A genuinely innovative, fascinating & beautiful installation which takes its audiences of all ages on a flight of fancy into another world’
Cathy Westbrook – Commissioner, PANeK

Enter into the Imaginarium and unlock secret stories from Wonderland. Housed in a 7m Bell Tent, this delightful immersive experience is a series of 5 interactive installations merging digital technology, short Ipad films, natural surroundings and traditional parlour games. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, the films and installations explore the hidden stories and journeys of Wonderland’s unsung heroes.

The Ipad becomes your magnifying lens, zooming in on the minutiae of natural plants and flowers to shrink you to the eye-view of a hedgehog about to become a croquet ball and a dormouse stirring up a storm in a teapot. The films contain clues to help you find games hidden in the installations, which include a floating Mad Hatter’s tea party, a chess board with live plants as chess pieces, hanging birdcages with imprisoned roses, an overgrown croquet table and a beach scene captured within a suitcase.

The films are beautifully shot in the English landscape. Imaginarium can also take place in indoor settings. New films, installations and games can be commissioned specially for your event.

Commissioned by PANeK: Kent Festivals Consortium August 2013, funded by Arts Council England

Touring interactive installation with Ipads, digital films, visual installations & games, can take place outdoors in company-owned bell tent or in indoor settings.

Playing area:
7m Bell tent owned by company, requires further 3m clearance (10m overall).

Flat, soft standing/green spaces for staking guy ropes.

Approximately 2-3 hours for build, 2 hours for de-rig. No power needed.

Can be open for audiences to flow through for 4-6 hours a day. The whole experience for a single audience member lasts up to 20 minutes.

Up to 50 people per hour, up to 300 per day – audience enter in groups of 2/3 and circulate between the 5 installations.

Aimed at audiences of all ages, small children to be accompanied by adults.

Games & films explore key learning skills in a fun and social way including a mirror writing puzzle, table croquet, magnetic fishing and buzzwire.

3-4 people.

May be required for 3-4 people for performances more than 2-3 hours drive from Brighton.

Vehicle Access:
Required for 1 vehicle for set-up & de-rig and parking on or near to site.

Films in English, can be translated to Spanish, French & other languages

North/West Europe – Company & set will travel in 1 vehicle.

Optional extra location filming and new installations can be commissioned at an added cost. We are also looking for further co-commissioning to develop the piece for outdoor hard standing sites.

Commissioners & Programmers:

‘A genuinely innovative, fascinating & beautiful installation which takes its audiences of all ages on a flight of fancy into another world’
Cathy Westbrook, Commissioner,
PANeK (Performing Arts Network of Kent)

‘So many people have let me know how inspired they were by the Imaginarium. We really appreciate how you just managed to get everything up and looking so amazing with so little support from our team.’
Beth Cuenco, Co-Director,
Wise Words Festival, Canterbury

‘I loved the Imaginarium.’
Monica Ferguson, Milton Keynes International Festival

‘My grandchildren absolutely loved it.’
Jan Doherty, Stockton International Riverside Festival

‘Beautiful films.’
Bradley Hemmings, Programmer, Greenwich & Docklands International Festival

‘It was great working with you & the Imaginarium was wonderful. It was perfect for our festival.’
Alice in the Coastal Park Festival, Folkestone


‘I just loved everything - the vibrance, the colours, everything was so fresh. Its a very original idea. Well done.’

‘That was really good. Ive never seen anything like it before. I like the visual aspect. You've got the technology but combined with the physical side of doing the games. Its very interactive. Its really good for bringing out the child in the adult and playing games with the children. Id definitely recommend it.’

‘Inspiring to have such high quality work in the centre of town.’

‘I am amazed and delighted by the Imaginarium – there is nothing more I can say!’

‘I really enjoyed the experience. It was great. Really imaginative, engaging, really creative. I'd recommend it. You should definitely come – its great.’

‘Its restful and dreamy. I could look at it for ages and just keep coming back to it. It appeals to the senses. When you first walk through the opening of the tent, its lovely. I love the tableaux. I'm about to phone a friend and tell them to come up.’

‘Very pleasurable, a nice thing to do on a summers day – to be conducted through this mysterious journey, with playful and amusing interpretations of a story we all know and love. Very nice – a good thing to do. Nice use of technology as well.’

‘We were surprised that our son stayed still for so long. He was truly transported into a world of wonder and curiosity.’