‘Exciting and entertaining... quite simply, it's raised the game.’
Fringe Guru

Discover a parallel universe as Navigator guides you into the labyrinth where digital and physical space interweave…

An Ipod becomes your navigational device, with films that lead you on a dramatic journey of discovery, leading you towards mysterious encounters on unexpected pathways. As you physically explore a site, following where the films lead, you also follow a story specially created for the location, meeting characters both on screen and in reality. The journey mixes film & live action with a trail of visual clues & installations.

Created site-specifically, Navigator imaginatively interprets the psycho-geography of a location, producing a unique immersive experience that can take you through secret doors and into different time-zones. It is an adaptable concept available for commissioning for special events and can take in both indoor & outdoor settings. It is ideal for heritage and learning projects, as well as theatrical and festival contexts.

‘My heart is racing.  I think I'm being followed... and I know I've lost control. This was among the most immersive and cleverly-constructed pieces I've ever seen at the Fringe. Under Periplum's inspired direction, Navigator's killer gimmick is its use of video. It's disturbing and dislocating, in all the right ways, but it's exciting and entertaining too - and above all the technology adds to the storytelling, a tool rather than a toy. It's reset my understanding of what's possible, when theatre and technology combine... quite simply, it's raised the game.’
Fringe Guru

‘Navigator is a witty, poignant and surprisingly moving piece of work, navigating street-arts supremos Periplum into fresh theatrical waters. A journey that is spookily un-nerving due to the disorientation that occurs as you try to marry the real-life 3D environment and the portrayal of that same environment on film, the minor differences in the two representations playing strange tricks on your mind. I find myself experiencing a delightful reflection on the passing of time, the nature of memory, and our perception of ‘reality’.’
Total Theatre


‘Thank you so much for your work, the effect was amazing! It really was an inspired piece of theatre!’
Laura Weston, Commissioner, Museums Department, Portsmouth City Council Wise Words Festival, Canterbury

‘We loved having you at the Gulbenkian, please come back soon.’
Liz Moran, Director, Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury

‘A really stunning show. I’m really, really impressed.’
Jez Dolan, Commissioner, AAA Festival

Site-responsive narrative-led navigational Ipod films, can also include live action/performers and a visual trail.

Usually 5-7 days devising/filming plus 2-3 editing days.

Flexible. Indoor and/or outdoor, must be accessible. Previously commissioned for urban settings, heritage/historic buildings, museums, natural settings, a market hall, theatres & music venues. Access for devising/filming will be required prior to performance day.

Audience begin the route solo or in pairs approximately every 3 minutes.

Up to 60 people per hour, up to 360 per day.

Set Up:
Performance day, approximately 2-3 hours for set-up, 1 hour for strike. No power needed.

Can be open for audiences to flow through for 4-6 hours a day. The whole experience for a single audience member lasts up to 40 minutes.

Audiences of 8+, young children to be accompanied by adults.

2-5 people.

May be required for 2-5 people for projects more than 2-3 hours drive from Brighton, cost can be included in overall budget.

Vehicle access:
Required for 1 vehicle for set-up & de-rig and parking on or near to site.

Films/performances can be created in different languages.

Can be transported in personal luggage.

Navigator has been created with schools, academies, youth groups, universities and community groups.

Navigator is available as a Learning & Participation project either as an intensive taster or as a complete creative project over several weeks.

Navigator is available for commissioning for heritage, museum, theatre, festival and educational contexts. Journeys can be dramatic, fantastical or factual, whether as a video guide to celebrate a historic building, as a nature trail or as a personal cinematic thriller. The medium can be used to evoke memories and the history of a location, respond to museum collections, or to devise new dramatic scenarios, engaging audience in exciting missions behind-the-scenes or through the streets. It can be developed with interactive physical installations and live performance elements or as a self- contained experience reliant only on Ipods and the location. The films created remain as a legacy that can continue to be used by the commissioner and audiences into the future.

Originally supported by funding from Arts Council England, Navigator has since been specially commissioned for site-specific versions at:

  • The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Portsmouth City Museum – special commission, ‘Magnifying Sherlock’, audience turn detective to explore the lives of Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle
  • New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth – celebrating the history and evoking the stars that have played at this heritage venue to mark its renovation
  • The Great Escape Music Festival – navigational pop videos leading to secret gigs in hidden locations
  • White Night Festival, Brighton – narrative-based adventure of child’s view exploration of the city at night
  • AAA Festival/Accrington Academy – set in the historic town Market Hall, created in collaboration with Academy students to modernise the Little Red Riding Hood legend.
  • Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury – re-mixing Romeo & Juliet with youth theatre groups
  • Northbrook College/Brighton Fringe Festival – an urban ‘film noir’ style detective trail

‘That was absolutely stunning.’ Deputy Head, Accrington Academy (Commissioner)

Navigator is perfect as a Learning & Participation project. It engages students and young people to imaginatively produce creative projects using new technologies which appeal to their interests and which they can thrive in. For schools & colleges, the mixture of live & film elements, site-specific discovery and digital media are a great stimulus, whether to devise new work or interpret classic texts/practitioners. Navigator is a great way of collaborating across educational departments. It can combine performing arts, interactive media, film, ICT, music technology and history. The medium is flexible to all kinds of narrative and experience, encouraging students to input creatively to the storyline, film, staging, physical action and installations. As a site-based project it can also help build bridges to the community.

Navigator is available as an intensive taster project, where a scratch film/performance can be created over 1 or 2 days, or it can be delivered as a full project taking place over several weeks and leading to full public performances.