7 alleys

‘An incredible production, the wonderful 7 Alleys brought fire, wonder, magic & mystery to East Hull.’ Hull Daily Mail

7 Alleys was a large-scale outdoor theatre work commissioned by Hull 2017 UK City of Culture as the inaugural Act of Wonder for the city-wide Land of Green Ginger project.

A mysterious horse-and-carriage journeys through the streets of East Hull, delivering invitations for residents to join the search for the magical 7 th Alley. Thousands of people descend on the secret location, where the spectacle unfolds.

7 Alleys was based on a local East Hull ghost story. The Alleys were a series of pathways where children played, next to Preston Road and Hedon Road Cemetery, all of which are now overgrown but the memories and stories are still alive. Legend says that if you were caught in the 7 th Alley at midnight, you would never return. Audiences were challenged to journey through these 7 alleys and undergo 7 dares, encountering the White Lady, Bubble Boy and other magical spirits before walking together as a community through the final portal of fire.


Louise Yates, Producer, Land of Green Ginger, Hull UK City of Culture 2017:
‘You create the most engaging and exciting work. The feedback from the audience and participants has just blown me away. It’s been a privilege working with you.’

Maddie Maughan, Assistant Producer, Land of Green Ginger, Hull UK City of Culture 2017:
‘You should be so incredibly proud. The show was so, so beautiful and the stories it told really resonated with people giving it a great deal of authenticity, which has been proven in all the comments on social media and the anecdotal feedback I heard on each of the nights. This week has given me a real sense of the pride in the city.’

photo: Anete Sooda

photo: David Todd

photo: John Broadley

photo: Anete Sooda