1000 revolutions

‘Probably the most incredible piece of performance I've ever witnessed and participated in - what a triumph!’
Audience member, Kings Cross

This city-specific performance trail celebrates music’s role as an agent of change in our lives and the places we live – from the sacred space of the teenage bedroom to the communal bliss of a gig. Periplum collaborate with local communities, musicians & artists to build a Sonic City, a mass participation event exploring musical revolution in the home, on the radio and in your street. Sign up for this odyssey celebrating local music scenes, social history and all that makes your neighbourhood unique in a thrilling search for the heart of the city.

Periplum’s Revolutions can be commissioned in 12’ or 7’ inch formats for large or mid-scale ambitions:


1000 revolutions per moment: Follow Me on the road to revolution – multiple characters at life-changing moments, in turn haunted, fuelled, protected & projected to stardom by music. The action explodes through surprise locations – houses, parks, hidden & iconic sites – with live music, installations & performer-led interventions. Highly interactive & energetic, 1000 revolutions invites audience to become active players in a series of social actions & adventures, from epic scenes to intimate encounters specially created for your town. Bursting with live music, 1000rpm unlocks the memories, desires and future dreams of the city and its people, exploring the location’s music, culture & social identity.


45 revolutions per moment – Love like music? Ready to turn detective? Your mission is to find secret live gigs on a journey of exploration inspired by the transformational power of music. 45rpm is a sonic treasure hunt presented in a dramatic context with gigs played in hidden & iconic locations. Created in collaboration with up to 100 local musicians, performers and participants, 45rpm is fuelled by the music styles & history of the area. Solo artists, DJs, bands, choirs and orchestras complement and transform sites, from historic architecture to areas of regeneration, green space, community buildings & independent shops.

Audience rendezvous with Periplum performers in top secret headquarters, train to navigate, then hit the streets in search of the perfect beat. Opening & closing speeches are specially created to celebrate the music, culture, venues, people & places of the location. 45rpm is truly site-specific, taking in both indoor and outdoor settings and is presented as an upbeat musical adventure.

Both 1000rpm & 45rpm are available for UK & international commissioning and are ideal for community-orientated events and regeneration projects.


‘Meaty, beaty, big, and bouncy... 1000 revolutions per moment is about pop & politics; the search for the perfect gig; music and social change; remembering the soundtrack to growing up - and a whole lot more... Truly site-responsive theatre with strong performances a key factor in the show's success. Catch it if you can!’
Total Theatre

‘1000rpm was wonderful. All in all, one of the best things I've seen in a couple of years. It used the back streets, gardens and alleyways of Kings Cross as its stage. It encompassed music, poetry and theatre seamlessly and drove the audience along in a beautifully smooth and choreographed manner from a performance in the courtyard of an old housing block, to a silent revolutionary procession.
It touched on a lot of topics for me, some of which I'll list here.

  • Music, its variety and its pervasiveness in life and culture. Its personal meaning, different to different people.
  • 80s rave culture, and/or peoples' distorted memories of it, and its connection with civil disobedience.
  • The increasing desire of people to record and share things instead of actually viscerally experiencing them - for example, look around you the next time you go to a gig/concert, and see how many people are concentrating on their mobile phones and cameras rather than the show.
  • The nature of a city as an organic entity, ever-changing. The same for smaller neighbourhoods, e.g. Kings Cross. 'Half of my city has gone. The other half has yet to come'.
  • Development, and how it relates to the last point. Cities are living, and they change. Humanity, within the city, is constant, yet it is also constantly changing - '1000 revolutions per moment'. ’

Waldman Review


1000 revolutions per moment