1000 revolutions

‘Probably the most incredible piece of performance I've ever witnessed and participated in - what a triumph!’
Audience member, Kings Cross

This city-specific performance trail celebrates music’s role as an agent of change in our lives and the places we live – from the sacred space of the teenage bedroom to the communal bliss of a gig. Periplum collaborate with local communities, musicians & artists to build a Sonic City, a mass participation event exploring musical revolution in the home, on the radio and in your street. Sign up for this odyssey celebrating local music scenes, social history and all that makes your neighbourhood unique in a thrilling search for the heart of the city.

Periplum’s Revolutions can be commissioned in 12’ or 7’ inch formats for large or mid-scale ambitions:


1000 revolutions per moment: Follow Me on the road to revolution – multiple characters at life-changing moments, in turn haunted, fuelled, protected & projected to stardom by music. The action explodes through surprise locations – houses, parks, hidden & iconic sites – with live music, installations & performer-led interventions. Highly interactive & energetic, 1000 revolutions invites audience to become active players in a series of social actions & adventures, from epic scenes to intimate encounters specially created for your town. Bursting with live music, 1000rpm unlocks the memories, desires and future dreams of the city and its people, exploring the location’s music, culture & social identity.


45 revolutions per moment – Love like music? Ready to turn detective? Your mission is to find secret live gigs on a journey of exploration inspired by the transformational power of music. 45rpm is a sonic treasure hunt presented in a dramatic context with gigs played in hidden & iconic locations. Created in collaboration with up to 100 local musicians, performers and participants, 45rpm is fuelled by the music styles & history of the area. Solo artists, DJs, bands, choirs and orchestras complement and transform sites, from historic architecture to areas of regeneration, green space, community buildings & independent shops.

Audience rendezvous with Periplum performers in top secret headquarters, train to navigate, then hit the streets in search of the perfect beat. Opening & closing speeches are specially created to celebrate the music, culture, venues, people & places of the location. 45rpm is truly site-specific, taking in both indoor and outdoor settings and is presented as an upbeat musical adventure.

Both 1000rpm & 45rpm are available for UK & international commissioning and are ideal for community-orientated events and regeneration projects.

‘Meaty, beaty, big, and bouncy... 1000 revolutions per moment is about pop & politics; the search for the perfect gig; music and social change; remembering the soundtrack to growing up - and a whole lot more... Truly site-responsive theatre with strong performances a key factor in the show's success. Catch it if you can!’
Total Theatre

‘1000rpm was wonderful. All in all, one of the best things I've seen in a couple of years. It used the back streets, gardens and alleyways of Kings Cross as its stage. It encompassed music, poetry and theatre seamlessly and drove the audience along in a beautifully smooth and choreographed manner from a performance in the courtyard of an old housing block, to a silent revolutionary procession.
It touched on a lot of topics for me, some of which I'll list here.

  • Music, its variety and its pervasiveness in life and culture. Its personal meaning, different to different people.
  • 80s rave culture, and/or peoples' distorted memories of it, and its connection with civil disobedience.
  • The increasing desire of people to record and share things instead of actually viscerally experiencing them - for example, look around you the next time you go to a gig/concert, and see how many people are concentrating on their mobile phones and cameras rather than the show.
  • The nature of a city as an organic entity, ever-changing. The same for smaller neighbourhoods, e.g. Kings Cross. 'Half of my city has gone. The other half has yet to come'.
  • Development, and how it relates to the last point. Cities are living, and they change. Humanity, within the city, is constant, yet it is also constantly changing - '1000 revolutions per moment'. ’

Waldman Review


‘Thank you for all the time, effort and energy that you put into creating 1000 Revolutions in Gillingham. I have had amazing feedback from audiences, who commented on how it was not only something completely different to anything they had ever seen before, but how impressed they were by your accurate knowledge of the area. You made great in-roads into the community. I think the message of the 'revolution' works on a particularly poignant level for the people of Medway, who were made to feel an active part of the future regeneration. Something amazing has happened in Gillingham and we shall build on this work for future years. We will make sure Gillingham continues the Revolution!’
Kate Hazel, FUSE Medway - Artistic Director

‘We wanted to say a big thank you from all of us here at Reveal, to you and all your team for your exceptionally hard work on a truly inspirational show. The feedback at our end from people involved and audience members has been fabulous. People were turning up at other events the following weekend, eagerly telling us about the show they’d experienced the week before!’
Susanna Roland, Reveal KX Festival Artistic Director

‘It was beautiful. I was left with wonderful memories.’
Becca Pelly-Fry, Commissioner, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council


‘Probably the most incredible piece of performance I've ever witnessed and participated in - what a triumph!’

‘Me and my friends all agreed it was one of the best nights out we’d ever had! I’ve recently come to really enjoy music so this was a great experience for me to enjoy music in a different way and from a different time.’

‘The production was utterly amazing and I send congratulations to you and your team. Spellbinding in every sense.’

‘Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable night! I liked the audience participation and the detachment from the rest of the normal world whilst you were enjoying the show. The music was also really good and well chosen.’

‘So many words could be used to describe your performance, it would be hard to sum it up! I for one thought it was brilliant, emotional, fun, thought provoking, stunning! None of these words describe how amazing i thought it was. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the revolution! Follow me, follow the music, ...follow the signs! You guys work so hard and most importantly seem to enjoy it! It was great to see, thank you so much. Hope you come back to Medway soon x’

‘I loved so many things, the riot in Somerfield, listening to guitar on a double decker, dancing in a truck… so many more!’

‘I just really enjoyed it! The subject matter, great actors, sets (specially the rave in the bedroom).’

‘Came to see this twice in Gillingham, fantastic show.’

‘Creative use of stunning but everyday locations, especially the railway bridge, underground car park, ship’s hold and amazing pub. Cute guys, great live music and atmospheric extras throughout– loved the whole adventure & surprise of it! Thanks for a great performance!’

‘Awesome night! I learnt so much and had so much fun. Please ask me to do it again!’

Through both 1000rpm & 45rpm we work to create a collaborative network of participating individuals, groups and venues, matching musicians & artists with community & local authority buildings, shops, businesses and social enterprises. Local people can take part as musicians, performers, visual installation artists and hosts.


Previous participating venues have included churches, schools and an adult learning centre, arts and music venues, a recording studio, boats, parks, car parks, community gardens, a cinema, minibuses/pop-up youth clubs, cafes, bars and a beauty salon.

Workshops/Community Engagement:

We work with a local liaison officer to make inroads into the community, and also liaise with local radio, music/youth organisations and venues to discover and feature the town’s up-and-coming & established musical talent, creating a showcase opportunity where they can share their music with new audiences in an upbeat atmosphere.

Both 1000rpm & 45rpm encourage a sense of adventure among participants, playing, performing or creating visual installations in unconventional locations to celebrate all that is unique in the area, its culture and people. Music styles are defined by local scenes and participating artists.

The project includes community engagement workshops tailored to target participant groups. Workshops include music & performance participation and visual making.

Participant feedback:

‘I have never performed in anything like this and I feel privileged to have been a part of it.’

‘It was wonderful! Such an exciting event to be part of. Thank you.’

‘It was an unforgettable experience- thank you to everyone involved.’

‘I had a great time. Really enjoyed working as part of the whole team. I love the contrast with what I do the rest of the time.’

‘Working with you has been a real pleasure: everything smooth and friendly, though professional and dedicated. Thank you again for a very enjoyable experience.’

‘I found it inspirational. It was a great opportunity to experience a different type of site-specific theatre.’

‘I think the whole idea of celebrating music within Peckham is a great idea and I especially enjoyed the whole vibrant atmosphere and am glad that I got the chance to perform for the audience. I liked the fact that there was diversity within the audience and really hoped they got a chance to enjoy the mixture of music that we as musicians were able to provide.’

‘The whole idea of the musical trail was a first for me and I really enjoyed it. I think with great communication within the community, council and 45rpm we could all come together and do something even bigger next time.’

45rpm and 1000rpm are adaptable concepts which have been realised in collaboration with host organisations, sometimes geared to help meet local objectives & engagement priorities. The following specifications give an outline but are adaptable. Exact format can be discussed with commissioners. Non-UK commissions are possible with a reduced touring team and increased collaboration with local crew/creative team.

Site-responsive participatory trail created through community engagement, with live music gigs & actor-led scenes in a variety of locations.

1000rpm: Audience alternately journey as a collective and break-out into smaller groups guided by performers.
45rpm: Audience groups are trained collectively then go out in smaller groups or solo to find the gigs in multiple locations.

1000rpm: Location-dependent. Previously, ticketed audiences of up to 500 people per day, plus additional ‘incidental’ audiences of several thousand.
45rpm:Location-dependent. Previously up to 1000 ticketed audience per day, plus additional ‘incidental’ audiences of several thousand.

Sites / Routes:
Flexible. Both 1000rpm & 45rpm usually require a minimum of 7 venues to create the trail, which can be both indoor & outdoor. Accessibility should be considered. Previously commissioned for urban, high street, cultural quarter, natural & waterside settings. Previous participating venues have included churches, schools and an adult learning centre, arts and music venues, a recording studio, boats, parks, car parks, community gardens, a cinema, minibuses/pop-up youth clubs, cafes, bars, a beauty salon and many more diverse spaces.

1000rpm: An adult-orientated experience. Children have attended previously – at the discretion of parents.
45rpm: All ages. Small children should be accompanied by adults.

1000rpm: Up to 90 minutes, can be presented up to 3 times per day.
45rpm: Can be open for audiences to flow through for 4-6 hours a day. The whole experience for a single audience member lasts up to 90 minutes. 45 RPM is best programmed in the daytime.

Set up:
1000rpm: Access to production base required for at least 7 days prior to the opening performance. Access to other venues can be time-limited during this lead-up week.
45rpm: Performance day, approximately 2-3 hours for set-up, 1-2 hours for strike. No power needed though some artists may benefit from PA.

Periplum can provide one PA, plus portable amp devices & basic equipment for up to 8 locations and participating groups. The project can also benefit from collaboration with local Music Services/music organisations to provide extra PA/resources. Periplum is self-contained technically for its own performance elements.

Tech Rehearsal:
1000rpm: Required for a dress rehearsal usually the day before the event, and potentially for one or two sessions prior to this in case of community performances.
45rpm: Required for a dress rehearsal usually the day before the event to bed participants into their roles & locations.

Both can engage up to 100 participants. Engaging with local musicians, plus community members with an interest in performance participation and visual arts.

Creation Time: 1000rpm: Community engagement activities over several months in lead-up. Up to 10 days on-site creation.
45rpm: 5-10 days on-site creation, including up to 4 community workshops.

Production Base: We will require a production base for the tech and performance days, plus a separate safe and comfortable environment for participants for workshops & performance days. This base is essential for community engagement & delivery of the project.

Local Liaison: It may be beneficial to work with a local representative, ideally a skilled and knowledgeable community liaison officer or similar to help identify best routes, potential venues, target participants, music resources and networks.

Venues will require Temporary Event Notice applications for live music/live events unless they already have annual licenses. Our administration can cover this.

The event can sometimes benefit from advanced allocation of tickets to control capacity in limited spaces, but this is not essential.

1000rpm: 10-14 touring company – this can include local performers/crew
45rpm: 4-8 Periplum staff – can include local performers/crew.

1000rpm: May be required for 10-14 people per night for projects more than 2-3 hours drive from Brighton. Cost can be included in overall budget.
45rpm: May be required for 4-8 people per night for projects more than 2-3 hours drive from Brighton. Cost can be included in overall budget.

Required for 2 company vehicles near the Production Base. We may also require permission for on street parking for vehicles containing installations/performances along the route.

One long wheel base van.

Basic essential equipment fits in 6 x 25g suitcases - can be transported with personal luggage. Further equipment/props & dressing may be sourced/made locally.

Both projects can have an extensive range of workshops with community members, from performance skills to music & visual arts/installation.

1000 revolutions per moment

45 revolutions per moment